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Castle Royle High Performance Academy

The Castle Royle High Performance Academy was instigated by The Club Company (TCC) in 2018 to recognise and support 'elite' golfers in the club. This support takes the form of club membership and clothing supplied by TCC, together with coaching by Rob Watts and limited financial support from members.

The criteria for membership of this Academy is that a player should be an England player, or have won a county amateur championship or a recognised national event.

Current Academy members are: 

Cara Gainer - Link

David Langley - Link

Tim Shin - Link

Harrison Arnold - Link

For more information on each player, click on the link above.

Below is an email sent out to all members by Club Captain Dave Leathers in May 2018:

Many of you will be aware of the feats of our elite golfers in recent times. Following on from Cara Gainer's win at the English Ladies Amateur Matchplay Championship in 2017 and Tim Shin's BB&O County Championship victory, 2018 has seen Dave Langley lift the Proudfoot Trophy as the lead qualifier at the South African Amateur and secure an England Team 'call up', while Harrison Arnold (our Junior Captain) won the prestigious McEvoy Trophy in April this year. In addition, Cara has recently finished well in the Scottish, Welsh and Irish Amateur Tournaments and both David and Tim have travelled to Ireland this past week.

The Elite Golfers Fund.

With these incredible performances and the considerable amount of expense associated with travelling to competitions, we have set up an Elite Golfers Fund aimed at contributing to these players expenses as they pursue their tournament schedules. This fund will be run entirely separately from the Members Committee and will be reliant on kind donations of any size from the members of Castle Royle.

These players are very visible around the club and bring a proud and dedicated commitment to Castle Royle. They have represented it at every level and with this new fund we are hoping to secure contributions (however small or large) that will allow them to continue their pursuit of success.


Donations to this fund can be made by way of monthly Direct Debits/Standing Orders or by way of larger one-off contributions. All those contributing into the fund will become part of the "Elite Funders" which will over time yield further golf-related benefits exclusive to those involved. This will evolve to include fund raising competitions and other concepts with the Elite Golfers in support.

For those wanting to know more about these Elite Golfers supported by the fund, a new High performance Academy Segment can be accessed through the Castle Royle Website, under the 'Information' tab in the Menu List.

If you are interested supporting our Elite Golfers and wish to donate to the fund, please contact either Gordon Jones (07523 877315), Seb Brock (07703 035139), or Katherine Irving (07771 667067) who have agreed to administer the fund.

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