Castle Royle Golf & Country Club

As of  Thursday 23rd November 2022 our club will adopt the  local rule below until further notice. 

The adoption of this rule does not affect submission of scores under the World Handicap system. To that end, each morning in the green staffs "Golf Course Status Update" e.mail, the staff will identify the individual bunker (s) that are subject to Model Rule F - 16. the professional staff will also be able to confirm this information.

Local Rule F-16 "The flooded bunker on (insert location of bunker, for example, left of 5th green) is ground under repair in the general area. It is not treated as a bunker during the round. If the player's ball lies in or touches this ground under repair or the ground under repair interferes with the players stance or intended swing, the player may take free relief  under Rule 16.1b. All other bunkers on the course, whether they contain temporary water or not, are still bunkers for all purposes under the rules. Penalty for Playing a Ball from the Wrong Place in Breach of Local Rule: General Penalty Under Rule 14.7a.

Bunkers subject to this rule will be further marked by a Blue Stake, the greens staff will identify will identify any affected bunkers on a daily basis.

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